I've wanted to create a 'Batman: The Animated Series' poster for years. One of my all time favourite tv shows and, in my opinion, the definitive Batman experience. My inspiration started with one of the most famous expressions from the show...I am the night.

BTAS finally being released on Blu-ray seemed like the perfect excuse. I wanted a more subtle poster, with the colours and scenery giving the feel of the show, until you look closer and see the hidden elements and references.

The research for this was a lot of fun...
The initial sketch. I had an idea of using the street perspective to create the outline of Batman's head, the ears were simple enough - it was making the eyes work in a way that made sense in the picture which was the hard part, it took a lot of different ideas.
First complete mock-up. I knew this was going to be a big illustration and wanted to make sure I had laid the ground work to start for real, to avoid having to make complicated changes in the future. I was happy with how this came out, though there were further changes in the final piece.
Revenge is a dish... best served COLD.
 'I Am The Night' variant - Alternate colours
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